One platform. Flexible, individualised solutions. Multiple providers

As consumer demand for individualised saving products expands, one size no longer fits all. As a Product Distributor, the ability to deliver individualised products is key to the future growth of your business. Euroclear Quantessence enables you to do this. We support various technologies, amongst others iCPPI.

The future of savings

Watch our latest video to find out how technological progress impacts the future of savings products and how Quantessence helps.

Why iCPPI?

iCPPI technology offers you the ability to customise your savings products around the individual client and add protection features at an individual client level. You can select suitable options from a variety of parameters to build tailored savings products for your clients.

The choice of parameters is so vast that your company’s choices will differ from those of your competitor. By building your own, distinct product offering, you compete on features, not on price.

Attractive features and individual flexibility helps improve client satisfaction and retention. iCPPI products are transparently priced and bring transparent valuation to your customers: the value of an account is the sum of the value of its assets, without a need for complex derivatives.

What else?

Quantessence can run any algorithm for you. Talk to us about formulaic investment strategies for your customers. We bring robustness, speed, operational support and the possibility to add individualised features to your products.

How Quantessence helps

Reduce costs and operational risk

Quantessence provides you with a flexible and robust infrastructure for product development, management and innovation in the market for individualised algorithms. We simplify the process for you and with you, from concept to execution.

Euroclear Quantessence is a state-of-the-art platform with powerful tools for operations and analysis. The platform reduces costs and operational risk, whilst helping to satisfy your regulatory requirements with an open architecture environment.

Access a wide range of counterparties

Your connection to Euroclear Quantessence allows you to access a wide range of counterparties through a secure and transparent platform solution.

Euroclear Quantessence runs a flexible algorithm on behalf of Distributors and Hedge Providers with a direct link to Asset Providers.

Separate operational risk from financial risk

Your operations are outsourced to Euroclear Quantessence thereby separating your operational risk from your financial risk. Euroclear Quantessence is supported by a legal framework which lowers the burden of legal documentation.

Euroclear Quantessence runs the algorithm of your choice, from a standard iCPPI-algorithm to a bespoke one. We provide you with a flexible and transparent tool for execution, monitoring, and analysis with access to your data at any time.