Join the individualised savings market

One size no longer fits all. Consumer demand for individualised saving products is growing. Our platform helps you personalise products to suit your client needs without losing your economies of scale. Participating in the market for individualised savings may appear challenging for asset managers. Here is an easy way for you to access this market.

Euroclear Quantessence is an efficient, neutral platform allowing you to connect and coordinate with product distributors and hedge providers.

With our advanced platform and expert team, financial institutions can quickly and easily join the market for individualised and protected products like iCPPI.

The future of savings

Watch our latest video to find out how technological progress impacts the future of savings products and how Quantessence helps.

How Quantessence helps

Euroclear Quantessence is a state-of-the-art platform using powerful tools for operations and analysis. The platform reduces costs and operational risk. It deals with millions of individualised data and transforms them into manageable order information for you, so you can focus on managing the underlying portfolios.

The market for individualised savings is growing, we can help you seize it.